Tache USA - Heritage 1

As a fourth generation "Diamantaire" and first generation "Jewelry Maven" Victor Weinman started his career in 1964 and learned every facet of the industry, from rough to polished, to fine diamond jewelry. By the age of 22 Victor was already a master diamond cutter, cutting and polishing both fancy shape and round diamonds, his most memorable, a 32.12 carat D Flawless Emerald Cut.

Victor joined the family business in 1968 where he spent his entire day buying and selling diamonds of all sizes, shapes and qualities. He just loved the excitement of the diamond business and with his particular expertise he re-cut many a stone into works of art. Soon his reputation in the world of diamonds grew and he was elected Chairman of the Board of the Diamond Dealers Club, the youngest person ever to hold that position.

Tache USA BuildingIn 1970, Victor met the Tache Family and an immediate friendship and relationship ensued; a special association that has lasted for over forty years.

In 1984, Original Designs (ODI) became a part of Tache USA and Victor began to learn the "how to" of manufacturing jewelry. He actually had no choice as he was now responsible for over 300 jewelry workers in ODI's Long Island City manufacturing facility. Combining his diamond know-how with his newly acquired understanding of jewelry, ODI became a major player in the U.S. jewelry industry.

At a very early age, Victor was taught by his father that your Heritage is comprised of two main elements; first, your reputation and second, your responsibility to always give something back to the foundations of your success.

Giving back to the industry that serves it, Tache USA was a founder of Jewelers for Children, the U.S. diamond and jewelry industry's national charitable organization. Victor served as JFC's first President and was later elected as its second Chairman. He is currently a lifetime member of JFC's Board of Directors. Victor is currently the President of the Plumb Club and is a member of the 24KT Club of New York, as well as many other local and national organizations. Tache USA is a proud member of JVC, JBT, MJSA, JSA, DCA and RJC.

Many things have changed since 1964. Today Victor's two sons, Jeffrey and Jeremy, the fifth generation, are leading Tache USA with a mindset of quality product through innovative design. They carry on with pride the heritage of a flawless reputation, a strong commitment to the industry and a valued promise to the customer; All through a diamonds eye and a little bit of their father's help and guidance.